Diving Mask, gauge

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Yuanyu Rubber Enterprise Co. Ltd. is one of the prime Diving Mask, gauge | rubber parts manufacturers from Taiwan since 1981. The rubber products including rubber grommets, rubber rings, o rings, rubber seals, rubber bumpers, rubber gaskets and more.

ISO & RoHS certified, 4,000 sq.m production plant, molded rubber products from rubber properties such as NR, NBR, NBR+PVC, HNBR, VMQ, FKM, ACM, ECO, CSM, etc.

Both with rubber molding technology and 37 years of experience, YUANYU ensures each customer's demands are met.

Diving Mask, gauge

Diving console rubber cover, diving pressure gauge rubber cover, apparatus cover, watch strap, and support strap, air tube.

  1. Flexible pipes and tubes.
  2. Custom shape pipes and Connecters.
  3. Consumer products.
  4. Slice Valves.
  5. Diving apparatus rubber cover .
  6. Instrument rubber parts.
  7. rubber cover for meter.
  8. Diving mouthpieses.
  9. Diving masks.
  10. Silicone straps.


Material for general use:

NBR+PVC, CR, EPDM, Silicone. (good / excellent ozone resistance materials.)

Manufacturing advantage:

unique or difficult mold releasing forms.